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22 March 2021 - 26 March 2021
Rural Vision Week - Imagining the future of Europe's rural areas

How it works

Registration - please see attached document for detailed instructions

Only one e-mail address per participant can be registered in the system.  

You are invited to plan your attendance by selecting the sessions you are interested in from the agenda. The agenda is designed as a menu where you can choose those sessions you are most interested in attending and design your own programme. Please note that due to limited spaces we cannot guarantee that you will be confirmed for all sessions you select to attend.   

Confirmation of which sessions you have been accepted for will follow at a later date. 

1) Registration

  • Register via the "Register now" button
  • In case you want to request and manage 1:1 meetings on-site read more below. 

2) Publish your profile to showcase your interests

Create a clear and concise profile to raise your visibility to help you meet interesting colleagues on this platform.

Your profile should describe who you are, what you are interested in and who you would like to meet. A good profile will help you meet the right people. Your profile will be visible before, during and after the event. 

3) Browse profiles of attendees

Go to the participants list to find out who you might find interesting to meet up with.

4) Send & receive meeting requests

Be proactive not reactive. Browse published participants’ profiles and send meeting requests to those you want to meet at the event. Adding a meaningful remark as to why you are interested in a meeting will increase the chance that your request will be accepted. Usually, accepted meeting requests will be scheduled automatically. Thus, you have immediate access to the time and date of a meeting. 

Booking rules? 

  • Everybody can send meeting requests to everyone 
  • Incoming meeting requests have to be accepted to be scheduled 

5) Show others your availability

Go to the Meetings page on B2Match and click on ‘signup for 1X1 networking’ and choose the time slots you will be available for meetings.

6) Matchmaking Event

Access your meetings in My Agenda, where you have your complete schedule for the event and the list of your meetings. Check your camera and microphone are working well and don't be late!

How to initiate a Virtual Meeting?

  1. Identify promising participants on the Participants list or the Marketplace page on the event's website. Once you found a suitable meeting partner, click on the participant's card in order to access their profile

  2. Use the Messages functionality to chat about common interests and availability.

  3. Click on the participant's preview if the participant is marked as Available

  4. Click Request Meeting, under the participant's photo, to request a meeting


  6. Check My agenda and Meetings for your schedule and your list of confirmed meetings.

  7. At the time of the meeting, go to the Meetings page and click on Start Meeting

  • You can invite guests through the Invite guests button, or share your screen through the screen sharing button
  • A virtual meeting can be started at any given time before its ending time and it won't stop automatically, one of the participants has to end it
  • The remaining time will be displayed on the top left corner
  • The next meeting card will be displayed with one minute before the next meeting
  • Clicking on Start Next Meeting will end the current meeting and will start the next one

Technical requirements for Virtual meetings

  • Use a desktop computer or laptop where both Webcam and Microphone is installed.
    * Check your audio quality, using headphones is highly advised
    * Use a good webcam to improve the image quality
  • Video call meetings can NOT be managed via the b2match Mobile App.
  • Check your time-zone - Log-in and select "Edit my profile" to check your current time zone selection. If this is not the time zone you are located during the meetings please change accordingly.
  • Use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera browser preferably
    Internet Edge Browser only works for Version IDs 80+ (Chromium edition)

To make sure that everything is set correctly, please go to your "Meetings" and click on the green camera button "Meeting starts in ..." - this will open the video call feature of your browser. 

You should be able to see yourself!

Virtual matchmaking events - How do they work?

A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet other participants face 2 face at Rural Vison week – have you thought of this as a way of finding cooperation partners? These short 20 minutes sessions run fast, but it is enough to build first connections or catch up on existing ones!

NB: To gather a broad and diverse range of inputs to the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas we are aiming to ensure a balance in participation between countries, organisations and stakeholders and therefore can guarantee that you will be accepted to attend all the sessions you register for.

Happy matchmaking!

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Albania 1
Armenia 1
Austria 31
Belgium 159
Brazil 1
Bulgaria 6
Chile 1
Croatia 24
Cyprus 5
Czech Republic 11
Denmark 8
Estonia 22
Finland 35
France 33
Germany 57
Greece 32
Hungary 12
Ireland 29
Italy 49
Japan 1
Kenya 1
Latvia 19
Lithuania 14
Luxembourg 10
Malta 2
Morocco 1
Netherlands 18
Norway 6
Pakistan 1
Poland 18
Portugal 56
Romania 22
Russia 1
Serbia 1
Slovakia 7
Slovenia 23
Spain 81
Sweden 28
Turkey 4
United Kingdom 15
United States 4
Total 850


EU Institutions 82
EU-level stakeholder organisations 32
MS authorities (national/regional)– agriculture/forestry/CAP 59
MS authorities (national/regional) – regional policy 23
MS authorities - other 13
National/regional/local organisations 145
International organisation (non EU) 25
National Rural Network (NRNs) / National Support Unit (NSU) 76
Local Action Groups (LAGs) 86
EIP AGRI Operational Group (OG) 2
EU Networks (EIP, ENRD, CP, Helpdesk) 28
Local municipality 12
Local community 12
Advisory services 23
Research/Academia/Think Tanks 129
Agricultural/rural business/SME 43
Citizen 5
Other 60
Total 855