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22 March 2021 - 26 March 2021
Rural Vision Week - Imagining the future of Europe's rural areas

'Our Rural' Marketplace

‘OUR RURAL’ Marketplace will host an exciting variety of stalls from a wide range of stakeholders who want to share their key activities and display their messages for developing the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas until 2040.

There are two ways to get the most out of the Marketplace.

Firstly, you will find the virtual stalls listed below and also on the Marketplace section of the ENRD website.

You will be free to browse the many stalls, finding out more information about the stall holders through a variety of different materials such as, videos, images, text, audio clips, news articles and suggestions for deeper reading. You will also find the contact details for each stall holder and links to relevant websites. The Marketplace stalls will be available to the public during Rural Vision Week and will remain open after the event.

Secondly, each stall has nominated a number of ‘Ambassadors’ who are available, at certain time slots throughout Rural Vision Week, to discuss their stall and give more details on the content. As a registered participant to Rural Vision Week you will be able to book a One-to-One meeting with an Ambassador, hosted through the B2match platform.

Below you can see who will be exhibiting along with their Ambassadors!


Marketplace Stall


National Rural Networks

Greek National Rural Network

Maria-Christina Makrandreou and Gabriela Michail

Irish National Rural Network  

Aoife Smith and Dr. Shane Conway

Italian National Rural Network

Annalisa Del Prete and Daniela Storti

Polish National Rural Network  

Andrzej Hałasiewicz and Rafał Serafin

Portuguese National Rural Network

Francisco Mendes and Maria Custódia Correia

Slovenian National Rural Network

Andrej Breznikar and Manca Baznik

Spanish National Rural Network         

Stéfanie De Buck and Luis Andrés Ramirez Perera

Swedish National Rural Network

Amanda Bengtsson and Salla Pätilä

H2020 projects


Andrea Gioseffi and Patrícia Gomes da Silva


Alice Guittard and Francoise Vernier


Gianluca Brunori and Blanca Casares


Pavel Kogut and Tommaso Sabbatini


Justin Casimir


Claudia de Luca and Hanna Elisabet Åberg


Olivier Chartier and Elodie Salle


Prof. David Miller and Maria Nijnik


Gerald Schwarz and Prof. David Miller

Other initiatives


Paul Van der Sluys and Karl Cordemans


Robert Hall and Amelie Krug

ReGen Villages

James Ehrlich and Herald Voorneveld

Rural 3.0             

Marijeta Čalić and Joana Padrão Almeida

Silicon Vilstal

Hermann Vogelgsang and Christoph Kolmeder


Gonzalo Carmona and Carlos Guzman

Organised by


Albania 1
Armenia 1
Austria 31
Belgium 159
Brazil 1
Bulgaria 6
Chile 1
Croatia 24
Cyprus 5
Czech Republic 11
Denmark 8
Estonia 22
Finland 35
France 33
Germany 57
Greece 32
Hungary 12
Ireland 29
Italy 49
Japan 1
Kenya 1
Latvia 19
Lithuania 14
Luxembourg 10
Malta 2
Morocco 1
Netherlands 18
Norway 6
Pakistan 1
Poland 18
Portugal 56
Romania 22
Russia 1
Serbia 1
Slovakia 7
Slovenia 23
Spain 81
Sweden 28
Turkey 4
United Kingdom 15
United States 4
Total 850


EU Institutions 82
EU-level stakeholder organisations 32
MS authorities (national/regional)– agriculture/forestry/CAP 59
MS authorities (national/regional) – regional policy 23
MS authorities - other 13
National/regional/local organisations 145
International organisation (non EU) 25
National Rural Network (NRNs) / National Support Unit (NSU) 76
Local Action Groups (LAGs) 86
EIP AGRI Operational Group (OG) 2
EU Networks (EIP, ENRD, CP, Helpdesk) 28
Local municipality 12
Local community 12
Advisory services 23
Research/Academia/Think Tanks 129
Agricultural/rural business/SME 43
Citizen 5
Other 60
Total 855